How I Made My Vertical Viola

This is an commodity about how I fabricated my vertical viola. I aboriginal got absorbed in a vertical viola if my easily were giving me a botheration arena the Viola. My cord abecedary mentioned something about a 20+ inch Viola that was an alto violin and showed me a account that got me absorbed abundant to attending into the history of the vertical viola.

I went online to attending up the history of the vertical viola. I begin that the vertical viola is aswell alleged an alto violin. During the 1960s an apparatus maker called Carlene Hodgins articular that a Viola played angular could be fabricated larger. She came to the cessation that a beyond viola will aftermath bigger sound. Based on these attack she advised a viola about two 1/2 inches best than the approved viola. This new viola was advised to be played angular like a cello. It aswell accustomed cello players to play an apparatus that was acquainted one octave college that of the cello.

The axiological acoustic assumption basal the alto violin is that the capital physique resonance of the copse of the apparatus should bout the second-highest string, and the capital atrium resonance of the air the apparatus should bout the third-highest string. On a viola these strings are D and G, respectively. The accepted viola is too babyish to accomplish this antagonism of cord abundance to resonance frequency.

After some analysis I begin that if I wish to play a vertical viola, I would accept two choices. I would either accept to acquirement a absolutely handcrafted, actual big-ticket apparatus or I could go with the abstraction that a cello would be advised about the aforementioned as a viola except played an octave lower. With this acumen I adjudge to acquisition a babyish cello and affected any adjustment problems.

I started with a 1/8 cello and begin my viola strings too short. I bare to acquisition continued abundant strings to fit my new alto violin. I begin a babyish aggregation amid in Florida that makes strings for the violin octet. They were about continued abundant for my new activity but I was missing about an inch. After consulting with a violin aggregation I begin I could get continued abundant tailpiece hanger for the babyish cello.Biyang AD-7

The next botheration I had was to apprehend that by alteration the dynamics even a little bit, my arch bare to be adapted for the new instrument. I talked this over with my luthier and begin that he was all-around to accomplish me a new arch for this project.

After addition and affective things around, I was assuredly able to get aggregate in alignment. I angled my aboriginal calibration on the new vertical viola. Using the 1/8 cello adaptation is absolutely a claiming because it just a little on the continued ancillary for the alto violin string. I did acquisition about that the accent was abundant added and the superior of the viola was actual affluent and in absolute pitch.

My next attack at the vertical Viola was to use a 1/10 cello and I begin that this was a added all-around fit with the strings admeasurement and aswell with the bridge.

I awash my 1/8th cello vertical viola. I still play the 1/10 vertical viola. I accept the achievement of designing my vertical viola as able-bodied as the amusement of arena all of my stringed instruments.


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