The Song Remains The Same

A Documentary footage of Led Zeppelin at the acme of their ability in 1973 with camp fantasy sequences.

Led Zeppelin were either the greatest reside bedrock bandage anytime or were they a agglomeration of affected musos with a bluntly boyish allure with witchcraft. Either way, they were a cogent Bedrock ‘n’ Roll group, sitting amid the electric dejection bands and consciousness-expanding rockers of the 60s and the abundant metal that was to come.Biyang EQ-7 Equalizer

Led Zeppelin’s antecedent acceptance was based as abundant on the band’s concerts as its albums, and The Song Remains the Same, appear in affiliation with the pseudodocumentary blur of the aforementioned name, reproduces the actual things that fabricated Led Zeppelin concerts legendary. Lengthy solos intertwining coaction amid Jimmy Page and Robert Plant and ridiculously continued songs as “Dazed and Confused” is about a little over half-hour.

Led Zeppelin accept consistently been my favourite bandage but back I saw this I accept a accomplished new account for them. After you watch this, you’ll apprehend how acceptable Jimmy Page absolutely was, abnormally on the 25 minute Dazed And Confused area he played with a violin bow, it’s crazy. Robert Plant was abundant but I anticipate he could of sang a bit better. John Bonham’s boom abandoned in Moby Dick is actual impressive. And John Paul Jones plays the bass and keyboard actual solidly.

A actual acceptable buy and absolutely a have to for all the ex and present rockers out there. You can never acquisition addition Led Zeppelin nowadays, that’s for sure.


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