Wassily Kandinsky As A Prophet Of The Multimedia Age

A cogent amount of artists and musicians in the backward nineteenth aeon affected a axiological affiliation amid blush and sound. Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944), one of the a lot of able-bodied accepted avant-garde artists and artful philosophers and of his day, believed absolutely in the hotlink amid blush and sound. Kandinsky himself was a synesthete, a being who involuntarily adventures abnormal access amid the senses.

In his plan of 1914, The Art of Spiritual Harmony, Kandinsky accepted that cross-associations a part of the senses abide in all awful acute people. Kandinsky declared that faculty impressions are announced “immediately to the soul, and accordingly to the added organs of sense”. He angrily asserts, “The complete of colours is so audible that it would be harder to acquisition anyone who would try to accurate ablaze chicken in the bass notes”. For Kandinsky, chicken is the acute complete of a trumpet, blooming is a violin, ablaze dejected is a flute, a darker dejected is a cello, a darker dejected is a clap bass, and the darkest dejected of all is an organ. White, Kandinsky believed, is the blush of silence, and corresponds anon to the pauses that action in agreeable rhythms.JOYO JF-37

Kandinsky does point out some distinctions amid the two above artistic art forms-art and music. On the one hand, Kandinsky states, music is not apprenticed by assurance on beheld geometric structure. On the added hand, music requires time for the advice to be completed. In adverse with this, painting requires the adjustment of images in audible patterns but can aswell “present to the beholder the accomplished agreeable of its bulletin at one moment”.

In animosity of these differences, Kandinsky proposed important implications for the approaching of the arts based the accepted parallels amid blush and music. He saw the cartoon calm of these two primary arts as a absolute development from which “will acceleration the art that is absolutely monumental”. Kandinsky, then, was a arresting astrologer admiration the acceleration of multimedia art forms in the avant-garde age.


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