Sally Kellerman – Sally

Sally Kellerman’s absolution Sally grabs you from the aperture song and will accumulate you captivated as she works her way through new music, classics, and standards beyond jazz, blues, pop, and rock-n-roll.

Sally Tracks: Nobody’s Perfect; I Put A Spell On You; Say It Isn’t So, Sugar In My Bowl; Over Over Night; Somebody Call The Cops; Tarpolean Napoleon; By Heart; Adulation Potion #9; Feelin’ Blue; The Time Of Your Life: I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing

Personnel: Sally Kellerman: Lead Vocals; Chris Caswell: Keyboards; Russ Kunkel: Drums, Percussion; Andrew Gold: Percussion, Guitar, Background Vocals, String Arrangements on Over Over Night and By Heart; Leland Sklar: Bass; Dean Parks: Guitar, Steel Guitar; Jerry Peterson: Saxophones; Gabe Witcher: Solo Violin; Warren Ham: Harmonica; Steve Porter: Saw; Heather Bradley: Background Vocals; Bonnie Piesse: Background Vocals; RJ Ross: Background Vocals and Affiliation on I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing; Nic ten Broek: String Arrangements on Say It Isn’t So

Sally Kellerman – Sally was appear on the Music Force Group label. Sally is not a absolution that was recorded as an “always-wanted-to-do” absolution to accompaniment a continued and acknowledged acting career, in actuality Sally Kellerman has been singing and assuming from a adolescent age, and if she was eighteen years old she active a recording arrangement with Verve Records. Her aboriginal recording was Roll With The Fellin, which was appear in the 1970’s.

Known for her articulation which is soulful, sexy, engaging, and improvisational depending if she is acting, accomplishing a articulation over, or singing, the absolution provides her with the belvedere to draw from her arrangement of talents and affix with her admirers on altered levels. She did not try to play it safe by accoutrement all standards; the absolution is a aggregate of jazz, blues, pop, and rock-n-roll as she works through advance that were accounting abnormally for her, puts her own brand on some classics, and lends her claimed blow on a few standards. Sally is absolute and beeline advanced and shows off her authentic musicianship and agreeable range.

The absolution starts off with the aboriginal clue Nobody’s Absolute accounting by Chris Caswell for Sally. This is a absolute addition song for this absolution as it lets Sally draw the admirers in to her complete with her sultry, blatant vocals as she belts out the dejection and tells us the adventure of the seek for love. Chris Caswell bound a song that encapsulates the talents of Sally Kellerman from her voice, her adventure telling, and her adeptness to allurement her admirers into a activity of agreeable bliss.

Sally puts her own brand on the awning clue I Put a Spell On You as she address abysmal into her affections and pours out the lyrics with activity and affliction absolution us apperceive the affliction of adulation if “…you apperceive I can’t angle it, your active round, you apperceive bigger baby, I can’t angle it because you put me down, I put a spell on you, because you’re mine.”

Changing clip she sings a new carol Say It Isn’t So, accounting by five-time Grammy Award-winner Mervin Warren, that brings out the animal elements of her articulation in a address that tugs at your affection with anniversary chat she sings.Biyang CO-10

The awning of Sugar in My Bowl, accounting by Nina Simone, is abounding of adorable allusion that with Sally’s baking vocals is authentic magic. The impressions she lays down as she works her way through these lyrics will accept you searching for a quick smoke or a algid shower, but consistently absent more.

Along with Nobody’s Perfect, Chris Caswell wrote two added songs for this release; the clue Somebody Call the Cops is a fun clue that Sally frolics her way through while bringing absorption to the brittle melody; Sally brings to activity the agitating carol By Heart, which was aggressive by Chris Caswell’s wife, with layers of feelings, love, and caring.

Other advance awning the fun awning of Adulation Potion #9; the bluesy awning of John Fogerty’s Feelin’ Blue that hits on all cylinders as Sally presents this song in a new format; and the bedrock clue I Don’t Want To Miss a Thing that she does as a affiliation with RJ Ross, and they put a altered bend on this Academy Award nominated song.


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